Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Vanilla Chai Macaroons!

Tons of organic coconut in the house = raw macaroons! And what better flavor in September than Vanilla Chai?! These are so quick and easy to make, and can be enjoyed right away or dehydrated for extra deliciousness. These were SO good, and I'm didn't even last the night. As soon as they were out of the dehydrator, and even sooner for Jason, I was pigging out!

Recipe makes 10 TBS size macaroons
Ingredients (all organic):
3/4 C medium shred coconut
3/8 C raw almond flour*
2 TBS raw coconut oil
3T raw agave
fresh ginger

  • Add shredded coconut and almond flour to bowl and mix.
  • Add spices, vanilla and ginger to bowl and mix. Add as much/little spice as you like. You can use vanilla extract (not raw) or vanilla bean. We have a bottle of agave that we added vanilla seeds/bean to for our own "extract". If using a homemade vanilla agave syrup, still use the 3 TBS agave measurement.
  • Add agave and coconut oil to bowl and mix well with a spatula or your hands.
  • Using a 1TBS cookie scoop for shaping, pack the macaroon mix in tight and scoop onto a dehydrator tray with a non-stick sheet. If eating right away, you can arrange them on a plate and skip the next step.
  • Dehydrate at 105 degrees for 8-12 hours or until you can't wait anymore!
*To make almond flour, simply pulse almonds in a blender or food processor until you get a flour-like consistency.

Ready to go in the dehydrator!

After approx. 8 hours of dehydrating with a nice slightly crispy texture on the outside


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  1. I am adding those to our raw Christmas cookie list!!! Thanks so much for the recipe.
    Peace and Raw Health,