Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Carrot Cake Cookies!

It seems our recipes lately have been born out of having too much of a certain ingredient in the house. This week it was organic carrots! I bought a five pound bag from the store, and then Jason came home from work with another five pound bag! Well...we both love carrot cake so we decided to make raw carrot cake cookies! The final product was crisp and perfect for fall weather. At first I was worried that they were too "bread" like, but once I had some patience and waited for them to actually finish dehydrating I realized that they're perfect!

Recipe makes 40 cookies
Ingredients (all organic):
3 C shredded carrot
1 C golden flax meal
1/2 C water
2 tsp raw agave
himalayan pink salt

  • Shred carrots using a box grater or food processor. Mine ended up slightly...rustic...since the food processor is broken and we don't have a grater. How's that for a laundry list of excuses? I used the blender and worked in small batches.
  • Add shredded carrot, flax meal, spices and salt to mixing bowl. Mix well.
  • Add agave and water. Mix until you get a thick dough/batter hybrid.
  • Using a TBS size cookie scoop, pack the mix in tight and scoop onto a dehydrator fitted with a non-stick sheet. You should get approx. 40+ cookies, depending on your cookie scooping skills.
  • Gently flatten each cookie slightly with a fork, peanut butter cookie style!
  • Dehydrate at 110 degrees for 8-12 hours or until crispy

Let us know what you think about our Carrot Cake Cookies!


  1. Thanks for sharing your recipe! They look delish!

    - kareen

  2. Those look wonderful!
    Peace and Raw Health,