Thursday, December 15, 2011

30 Day Raw Challenge

Jason and I have been eating out waaaay too much lately, hence the abandoned blog! We've decided to renew our commitment to raw foods and go on a 30 day nothing but raw challenge! Today marks day 3 and I'm already feeling more energy. Yesterday, I probably drank around 7 cups of green smoothies, loaded with banana, kale, dates, ginger, and occasionally some raw protein powder and raw coconut oil. I drank a wonderful 4 cup smoothie on my way to work (at a veggie/vegan/raw restaurant) which powered me through my shift.

With the raw food comes some awesome news! I DID A PULL UP YESTERDAY! Every day for weeks, I've tried to do at least one pull up. I started out barely being able to pick myself up. Jason has made funny home videos of me trying to do them. My in laws kicked my butt in a pull up competition (and planking too, for that matter). Finally, I have not one, but two, under my belt! Now that the ice is broken, today I plan on doing 5!

My new mountain bike! Me and this baby climbed 5 miles to the top of South Mountain in Phoenix. I raced Jason up, with him running and me on my bike. He was only like 1.5 minutes behind me. I must admit that if it weren't for a long stretch of downhill at the end, he would have whooped me!

Some other great news here at Wicked Raw is that we've started a fun side business! We're now selling our organic raw granola and macaroons on our new website! More products will be listed today, many with local ingredients. Some of our local suppliers practice organic farming, but aren't yet certified organic. Products with local ingredients include our Mesquite Macaroons, Orange Cranberry Macaroons, and Lucuma Pecan Granola. All of our snacks include Arizona Medjool dates, which are oh so soft and tasty! Be sure to check out our Wicked Raw Foods Facebook and Blog!

Mesquite Macaroons, oh so sweet!

A quick shot of some of our products before they went off to new homes!

Happy Hiker Granola! Featuring some superstars like chia seeds and hemp hearts

Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow, I would love to have my Family go RAW. I just feel like I have no idea where to start. I used to eat no meat dairy or eggs and tried to call myself a vegan while eating nothing but french fries and chips all day...Yes, I lost a lot of weight but it did nothing for my health. Some would say if you say you are vegetarian then why don't you eat veggies...Anyways, I guess it's time to better educate myself and eat healthy. Kudos to you!

  2. Evelyn,

    Thanks for your comment! I was once a french fries and grilled cheese vegetarian, and was extremely unhealthy. I think the key to trying a new lifestyle is to start with just baby steps. Like having a raw or vegan breakfast every few days, having vegan snacks, etc. It can be overwhelming to think of just switching "cold turkey". I look forward to hearing more from you! :)